M3mal is a full service dynamic co-working community for innovative individuals & companies seeking unique creative office space.

Offering a range of flexible options, members enjoy a place to co-work,

network and build their business.

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A creative environment is essential to productive work. Take the advantage of a soaring office space designed to fit your needs at affordable prices. Lose the home office & join our inspiring dynamic community.


M3mal provides the resources you need for any event, from comfortable office space to a supportive coworking community. Get in touch today to schedule a space for your next event.


Tired of searching to find a conference room or meeting space? Host your next client pitch in one of M3mal’s professional & cost-effective meeting rooms. Available to members and non-members alike.






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Leverage the Network for Valuable Expertise

Coworking spaces provide instant collaboration and networking opportunities. No other place offers the environment to meet thought leaders across industries and with a variety of skillsets. The exchanges and interactions that take place at the coffee bar or networking events are hugely beneficial to startups as these new connections can spark new ideas and provide

You’ll Feel Encouraged to Succeed

When you’re working solo, sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated. That’s one reason to find a mastermind group, a mentor or an accountability partner. Using a coworking space could be a good way to find this group of people. Since you’re all using the same office, it will be easier to arrange meetings or brainstorming

Spend More Time Growing Your Business

Working at a startup, time is your most valuable resource. Between keeping customers happy, setting goals, traveling to industry events, hiring, and meeting with investors, your team is wearing many hats, and often doesn’t have enough hours in the day. The last thing your small team needs is spending time maintaining an office. Coworking spaces

  • M3mal, Our partner of success! We have joined them from day one, and have been growing together. We like their vision of sharing success with their members, they have built a strong community with plenty of success stories for different startups. Will always recommend them for my friends!

    Imad Atia
  • My visit was not the first time to try a cooworking space in Egypt. The whole experience was great. Professional staff, freindly attitude Loved the free coffe and snacks. By the end of my visit i met Mahmoud the Co-founder of M3ml who did explained all services and made me more curious to try more of m3ml's services I will recommend m3ml to freinds and family. Good luck guys and keep it up.

    Ehab Darwish
  • During my practical life as an Oracle BI consultant, I have visited many work places / customer premises in Egypt , Europe , Gulf and Africa. I consider M3mal one of those professional, healthy and promising work environments I have been to. It is a great opportunity for those who need to have a successful / extend their business with this friendly staff ... Best of Luck : )

    Tamer Shalaby

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