Why M3mal

M3mal will easily make you achieve all your career goals and dreams

Creative+Dynamic= Extremely Hot

and Energetic Work Environment

We believe that getting like-minded people under one roof represents a great way to learn more about the industry you are working in, the business environment and also yourself.

M3mal Co-working Space is built on the idea of pushing each other forward. With a vast community of ambitious people with different backgrounds this is where you need to be!

Choosing M3mal will allow you to enjoy

a relaxed work environment

Enjoy a creative, modern co-working environment in one of Alexandria’s most prestigious & easy-to-reach areas.

The open layout is complete with modern furnishings, ergonomic chairs, dedicated quiet areas, and private meeting rooms.

M3mal is back and bigger and better

than ever

Dare to DREAM with M3mal

We strongly believe in the idea that “two heads are better than one” and that from differences emerges innovation. We always aspired to create an environment in which creative cooperation and co-working form a unique blend, an environment where the adventure of finding new solutions to old problems can be experienced.

That is why M3mal Co-working Space was established. It is a quiet, colorful, comfortable, functional place where you will meet people in various industries and professions willing to exchange ideas and

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