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Mohamed Dwidar full-stack Web Application and back-end mobile developer,

I am both driven and self-motivated, and I am constantly experimenting with new technologies and techniques. I am very passionate about Web Development, and strive to better myself as a developer, and the development community as a whole. I have been developing enterprise solutions using my previous experiences, developed variety projects in multiple fields. I

Mohamed Wed Software Engineering

Mohammed has a B.S. degree in Software Engineering from Baghdad College of Science, Baghdad, Iraq. in 2013. He is currently a software engineer at Neaimy LLC. His research interests include Software Engineering and Intelligent systems. He is also a science & technology enthusiast, and a cats’ person.

Ahmed Hakim lead designer at usytech

an Alexandrian design enthusiast, and his passion for web design started Since 2009, With a determination to seek every opportunity to self-educate and enhance his abilities, He left no stone unturned; courses, read books & consulted others until he co-founded Alexandria Web designers, a community that has mission to support all web designers in Egypt,

Emad Atya Director of engineering leadliaison

Ahmed Gad Future Experts Group

Ahmed Bolica Founder and CEO Pimula Agency

Ehab Mostafa

Abdelrahman Omran

Eslam Salem

Mohamed Salah Zaghlol

Mohamed Heiba

Ahmed Alashwah

Asmaa Majeed

Noha Azab

Asmaa Ali

Ghada Gama

Waseem Mansour