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Leverage the Network for Valuable Expertise

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Coworking spaces provide instant collaboration and networking opportunities. No other place offers the environment to meet thought leaders across industries and with a variety of skillsets. The exchanges and interactions that take place at the coffee bar or networking events are hugely beneficial to startups as these new connections can spark new ideas and provide instant feedback on your business that you cannot get elsewhere, especially at a coffee shop or your home office.

Want feedback on a new idea? Need to hire a developer to redesign your website? Valuable expertise is only a few steps away. Chances are, someone at your coworking space can help, or can point you in the right direction. Think of the hours of time you’ll save with this setup; time you can reinvest in your business instead of posting a job description on an online job board or getting frustrated trying to find relevant user feedback.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you already have a different take on the world, and think you bring something uniquely valuable to the marketplace you’re disrupting. Coworking spaces have emerged as the new hubs of innovation where early stage startups can thrive in an environment of likeminded professionals.

pimulaLeverage the Network for Valuable Expertise

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