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Mohamed Dwidar full-stack Web Application and back-end mobile developer,

I am both driven and self-motivated, and I am constantly experimenting with new technologies and techniques. I am very passionate about Web Development, and strive to better myself as a developer, and the development community as a whole. I have been developing enterprise solutions using my previous experiences, developed variety projects in multiple fields. I

Mohamed Wed Software Engineering

Mohammed has a B.S. degree in Software Engineering from Baghdad College of Science, Baghdad, Iraq. in 2013. He is currently a software engineer at Neaimy LLC. His research interests include Software Engineering and Intelligent systems. He is also a science & technology enthusiast, and a cats’ person.

Ahmed Hakim lead designer at usytech

an Alexandrian design enthusiast, and his passion for web design started Since 2009, With a determination to seek every opportunity to self-educate and enhance his abilities, He left no stone unturned; courses, read books & consulted others until he co-founded Alexandria Web designers, a community that has mission to support all web designers in Egypt,


Ahmed Gad Future Experts Group

Ahmed Bolica Founder and CEO Pimula Agency